To listen to my music and to look at the scores at the same time   > please click … Music in the text below. To get an idea may I advise you to listen to: numbers 5, 9 C and B, 12 E and D, 10 or 13 A and C. Apart from the 3 concert recordings ( Conc. record. , see 11, 12 D and 13 A) all sounds are electronic.

  1. Three songs for childrens choir and piano for Hein Franssen and his Koorklas Culemborg (KKC) on poems by Willem Wilmink, Harriët Laurey and Marjolein Kool. April 2018.
    .. 01) “Je weet zo weinig van zo’n paard” ( ), W. Wilmink …………………. Music  >>   PDF
    .. 02) “Wie vroeger vier jaar oud was” (), M. Kool. …………………………. Music  >>  PDF
    .. 03) “De laatste trein”  (The last train), H. Laurey. ……………………….. Music  >>  PDF
  2. – “Dierenliederen” (Animal songs): music for children’s choir (poems by Ivo de Wijs) written for Hein Franssen and his Koorklas Culemborg (KKC). The first pdf-file concerns is a version for childeren’s choir (sometimes clarinet) and piano.
    The second pdf is a version for children’s choir and chamber orchestra. You can combine these Animal songs with the “Carnaval des Animaux” of Saint Saëns: the different parts are played before the part of Saint Saëns with the same name. The instrumentation of the Animal songs is nearly the same as in Carnaval des Animaux, except there is only one piano and no harmonium.

    Childrens choir English Music + + piano + orchestra
    01 De leeuw The Lion Sounds PDF PDF
    02 Kippen Chickens Sounds PDF PDF
    03 Halfezels Half donkeys Sounds PDF PDF
    04 De schildpad The tortoise Sounds PDF PDF
    05 De olifant The elephant Sounds PDF PDF
    06 De langoren The long ears Sounds PDF
    07 De koekoek The cuckoo Sounds PDF PDF
    08 De volière The aviary Sounds PDF
    09 Fossielen Fossiles Sounds PDF PDF
    10 De zwaan The swan Sounds PDF
    11 Finale Finale Sounds PDF PDF
  3. – “Two Animals songs”. Two songs of number 18, Fossiles and The Swan, arranged for soprano, clarinet (Bb), viola, double bass and piano. For Animal day October 4th 2015.
    Music: Fossiles  >>  PDF Fossiles    ………..     Music: The Swan  >>  PDF The Swan


You can download the scores (pdf files) without costs but please inform us in time: 0031(0)345518591 or 0031(0)686104293. Thank you.

Here I want to thank to Marinus Kasbergen, lecturer in musical analysis at the Conservatory of Brabant (Tilburg, Holland) for his lessons and support. Wil Speth who showed me the richness of the sound of the recorder and pianist Theo Saris for his encouragement and initiatives to perform my music.