Kerstliederen voor koor

To listen to my music and to look at the scores at the same time   > please click … Music in the text below. To get an idea may I advise you to listen to: numbers 5, 9 C and B, 12 E and D, 10 or 13 A and C. Apart from the 3 concert recordings ( Conc. record. , see 11, 12 D and 13 A) all sounds are electronic.

  1. Three Christmas songs (2014) for double choir and piano /or female choir S.Ms.A. (or soloists), mixed choir and piano:  
    A) “Now let us sing”
     for S.Ms.A. solist (or female choir), mixed choir and piano. Poem: Francis R. Havergal. ….Music  >>  PDF
    B) “That yongë child”  for 5 part choir (S.Ms.A.T.B) or two mixed choirs and piano. Poem: Anonimus. ………….Music  >>  PDF
    C) “He came to tell”  for small female choir (or S,Ms,A solists) mixed choir (S A T B) and piano. Poem: Frances R. Havergal. ……..Music  >>  PDF
  2. -A) “Kyrië / Nu zijt wellekome”: composition based on a Christmas song for audiences, female choir (S,A), mixed choir and piano. En
    -B) “Herders hij is geboren”: (also a composition on a Christmas song) for audiences, children’s choir, female choir (S,A), mixed choir, guitar, percussion and piano.
    -C) “Noël des enfants qui n’ont plus de maisons”: arrangement for mixed choir and piano (orig.: Claude Debussy for soprano and piano. All Christmas songs written for Hein Franssen for the concert of the Culemborgs kamerkoor (Chamber choir) and the Children’s choir Culemborg on 22/12/2013, Grote or Barbarakerk (church) at Culemborg.
    A) Music: Kyrië/Nu zijt wellekome  >>  PDF Full score  >> PDF small female choir
    B) Music: Herders, Hij is geboren   >>  PDF Full score   >> PDF small female choir
    C) Music: Noël des enfants         >>  PDF Noël des enfants (Full score)